Saturday, January 8, 2011

Season One Episode Two: Models and Mortals

Well I had this flash whilst watching episode two - watching this series is kind of like watching a car crash.  You are totally appalled and horrified but you just can't look away.

The thing that really gets me about it is the whole philosophy behind most of the character lives.  They are living only for sex and nothing else.

Carrie Bradshaw continued her narrating which I suspect will be the theme of the series and Samantha was vapid and self centered again.  Miranda was cynical and the other nice one, Charlotte, I had to look up her name as her character is pretty forgettable at the this stage, well she was nice but did not have much screen time.

The characters are two dimensional cut outs and in this episode it features models, who obviously must be all stupid.  Let's face it could you have a smart model.  One only needs to realise Elle McPherson started modeling to pay her way through law school to know that this is rubbish.  Cheap points are scored from stereotypes, that is why racism is so vulgar and that is why this episode was equally vulgar.

Another aspect that was a cop out was the line this only happens in New York - nowhere else in the world.  Apparently all the models hang out in New York and thousands of men sleep with them, being that men only think about sex, apparently.

The nice guy was there, Skipper, who for some reason is attracted to the witch Miranda who barely gives him the time of day.  That much is true men don't always realise what women are really thinking, but this woman still acts like a cow.  He is the nice guy and so he is again made out to be a loser.  The whole Captain Crunch line typified that thought,  I'm anticipating something along the lines of jokes about him having a small appendage or something equally as base next.

The final thing was "Mr Big's" last scene with Carrie again with a little pause on how an idealistic love could be.  After twenty four minutes of a philosophy with is the antithesis of these ideals it is no wonder you almost choke on the absurdity,

These ideals don't come about form pithy statements but from something that runs deep within you and seriously all we get in this is shallow vapid people.

This was worse than episode one - wondering if I can face another one - my score 2 out of 10.

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