Thursday, January 13, 2011

Season One Episode Five: The Power of Female Sex

For the first time I made it through this episode without feeling irritated, even when it used the word I hate most in the English language, not once but several times.

The episode flowed by, and while it was shallow and vacuous, and maybe because of those qualities I can actually see why people would like it.

The bulk of the story again focused on Carrie who was revealed to have an addiction to shoes, resulting in major credit card debt and her meeting with an acquaintance, a woman who basically travels the world sleeping with men and making a high priced living.  She was basically a prostitute.

Carrie is introduced to a French bloke and has a date and then sleeps with him, she leaves her $1,000 in an envelope causing discussion among the girls.  Samantha believes it is an equal exchange and fine, whilst Miranda believes it is belittling to the female.

Miranda does feel that and she is right, but it does reveal her hypocrisy as she is using Skipper and he is falling for her big time.

Samantha was the clothes horse this time with not much too do except feature a number of times in scenes trying to get seated in expensive restaurants.

Meanwhile Charlotte is trying to get the latest paintings from a famous older American artist, and finds out he is doing s series of paintings of the female vagina.  Something he called the source of all power in the world.  An interesting philosophy, which shows where his mind was focused.

 She is persuaded to pose and the episode ends with Carrie deciding to keep her $1,000 and the girls at the art exhibition trying to guess which painting is of Charlotte.

There was some amusing parts and perhaps I am getting used to the tone of the series, I still find it hard to reconcile certain aspects, and find the basic philosophy repulsive, but if the rest of the series was basically like this I could live with it, although begrudgingly.

My score is 6 out of 10.

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