Monday, January 10, 2011

Season One Episode Three: Bay of Married Pigs

I asked my friend to day if he had ever watched Sex and the City.  He said yes and he was a fan of the show.  There are only two men I know (so far) who like the show, including my friend and they are both gay, so I am not sure if there is a link there.

My friend said he really liked the first season because it really addressed the issues we all were thinking about and asked the questions we wanted to ask.  

Now this interested me, because I had not felt that had happened in the first two episodes.  What was I missing and then during the third episode I realised what I was missing.  It was my world view.  I had a totally different world view than the people on this show.

What I mean by that is I don't believe in sleeping around with different people, in fact I don't think sex outside of a loving committed marital relationship is a good idea at all.  My view of marriage and singleness was totally different to these people.

So if I really took that on board could I then watch the series with a different approach, say, I am watching it knowing that my world view is in total contrast to their view, but let me watch it not with that critical view but from a different level.  Well it works and it doesn't.  There are still things that infuriate me but now that I realise what the main issue has been perhaps my views will be a little more tempered.

Anyway this episode has I must say a very clever title and the issue of the difference between married and singles is there.  To call it a war I thought was a bit extreme, but perhaps I am more comfortable in my skin than others?  To use the conflict in Northern Ireland as an analogy however is just a little bit offensive and something I really found hard to get past.

This episode had Carrie being set up with a guy desperate to be married by her friends.  It also had one of her married male friends exposing himself to her, which was all rather an odd story arc and I am wondering if that will be referred to later on, it may have just been for comedic relief.

Samantha slept around and basically used and abused Charlotte's doorman.  The doorman had the best line in the episode when he offered to open the bathroom door for Charlotte.

Charlotte was basically under utilised again, although I am assured she does have some major story arcs.

Miranda was set up with a lesbian by a well meaning but obviously stupid co-worker and then took advantage of the situation to get closer to her dream of becoming a partner at her law firm.

So with all that in mind, with the fact that I still find the characters self serving and disagree with much of what they say and do, there were some positives in this episode.  I am of the opinion, at this early stage, however that for me becoming a fan of the series may be a bridge too far.

Episode three - five out of ten.

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