Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Season One Episode Four: Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys.

So I missed viewing an episode yesterday, but here we are again back into it, and this one was for the most part fairly unpleasant.

Imagine if you will the sort of guy or girl that you would be horrified to take home to your parents, well this is that sort of TV series.

So the Mr. Big story line gets ramped up with Carrie Bradshaw bumping into him several times and then trying to see him  on purpose with results that can only draw a result of how far can we writers string this out for.  I am suspecting the next ninety odd episodes...

Samantha was her normal unpleasant self sleeping around and making rather stupid observations on life.

Miranda was her normal irritating self as well, and in one incident abusing a cab driver without reason and of course without consequences, because it is cool to abuse people in the service industry when you are a lawyer.

Charlotte actually gets a story line, although it is not a warm or witty story line.  The man she is dating wants anal sex.  Samantha believes that this is a physical experience that the body was designed for.  Miranda put it down to power in the relationship.  Carrie babbled and in the end she didn't do it.  Of course she slept with the guy but that is normal in the SATC world.

In fact all four ladies slept with guys in this episode.  Skipper was there, the nice guy who is more and more like a loser each time we see him.

Carrie "dated" a twenty something guy who was of course vapid and messy.  

One thing I did observe she arranged to meet with Mr. Big at a restaurant at 10:30 PM.  Who meets up at a restaurant at that time?

So other things I did not like - 

The whole idea of just labeling everyone and confining them to a little box.  

The fact that there was even a suggestion these women would pass for being in their twenties.

The idiotic remark ":There is no available men in their thirties in New York."

The equally idiotic remark - "What's the big deal it's only a fling"  That's why there is so many STD's and so many broken miserable lives, but just like a guy shooting people in Arizona could have nothing to do with lack of gun control and people having the right to bare arms so this could not possibly be and people have the right to sleep around and ruin other people's lives.

Ultimately I am really having trouble empathising with these characters and have to say this was the worst episode I have seen yet.  Not even the episode title was that clever this time.

My score 1 out of 10.

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