Friday, January 14, 2011

Season One Episode Six: Secret Sex

This is the final episode on the first disc of the series and also it marks the halfway mark of the first season.

The show is beginning to settle into a series and the actors have the feel for their characters, they are definitely two dimensional and stereotypes but there is at the core a consistency.  

You feel like you are now watching a series and will see story arcs develop, the biggest and one suspects the longest is the Carrie Bradshaw/Mr Big arc.

So what happened in this episode.

Carrie and Mr. Big have their first official date, with Carrie wearing what was referred to as 'the naked dress.'

It did not leave a lot to the imagination.

Charlotte describes her dating rules, which have been mentioned briefly before, basically if you are serious about a man you don't have sex on the first date. This brings all sorts of complications with it, and moral issues but we will put all of that on the back burner for the moment.

Carrie has the interesting quote in one of her monologues, (which after some time this viewer is getting used to) she said "Is delayed gratification the definition of maturity"  saying that whilst wearing a dress that barely covered anything on her body was a little on the hypocritical side one thinks.

Then when she meets Mr. Big and basically within minutes sleeps with him declares she cannot be hemmed in by her emotions.

Obviously she is not mature.

Carrie meets her friend Mike Singer, in an out of the way Chinese restaurant, he is dating someone but does not introduce her to Carrie.  It turns out that he is 'secret dating' this woman because he does not want anyone to know about her.  Apparently she is not considered, by Mike beautiful enough to introduce her to others, she is good enough for him to sleep with but not beautiful enough for him to be serious about.

Carrie wonders if he was shallow or honest.  Even asking that question is puzzling the guy was so shallow he had as much water in him as the Ghobi desert in a drought. 

By the time he decided he wanted to be serious with her she had found someone who would accept her.

Miranda meets someone in gym class and dates him.  We are not told where Skipper is or what has happened to him, he is not even mentioned, which was strange.

It is here after a walk in the park with Carrie we see Miranda despite her bitchy behaviour still wants to be with a bloke.

She sleeps with him (naturally) and then he leaves early in the morning for a conference or some other writer;s excuse and lets her stay in his apartment and let her self out.  Does that really happen?

Sop Miranda goes through his stuff and finds a spanking video.  She is shocked and brings it up in a casual manner the next time she is with him, he mumbles something incoherent and Carrie narrated that Miranda never sees him again.  That appears to be the end of that, the point of it, I am not sure.

The girls discuss secret sex Samantha has no secrets just a lot of sex and Charlotte slept with a  Jewish artist once.

Carrie muses is secret sex the ultimate form of intimacy or another way of denying feelings and compartmentalising emotions.

She is worried Mr Big is keeping her a secret.

First they have a party to see Carrie's billboard on a bus. The same one on the opening credits.  As it drives past someone has drawn a penis on Carrie's head and she is devastated.  

Mr Big assures her he is not keeping her a secret and is ends with Carrie wondering aloud could this be for real.  

A lot and yet nothing going on, passable, with at the same time that nagging sense of irritablilty about how wrong the whole philosophy of their life is.

At best a mildly diverting series this was one of the better ones - my score is 6 out of 10.

I now must return this disc and hire the next one, depending on availability that will probably start from tomorrow. 

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