Friday, January 7, 2011

Season One Episode One: Sex and the City

Unusually for an American series episode one does not come with that famous title 'Pilot" in fact it just calls itself "Sex and the City" which is more like one of those musicians first albums when they can't think of a clever title.

Anyway the episode title is neither here not there.  The episode itself was very heavy on the cynical and apparently all we live for in life is sex.

Men seem to be total scum and the one 'nice guy' comes across as a total loser.  (For the illiterate amongst us note I said loser, that is how it is spelled with one O - if it had two it would be looser such as he lost weight so his trousers were looser.  A small note but you would be amazed how many people spell loser with a double O.)

Anyway the philosophy of women having sex like men was wrong on so many levels it would be hard to count and is demeaning to both men and women and in the last thirty seconds we seemed to get a taste that perhaps our hero Carrie would come to that conclusion eventually.

A scene from Episode One.
What about the main female characters.

Carrie Bradshaw - our every girl hero who seems to drone on and on about nothing endlessly.

Samantha Jones - woman that looks like she is entering middle age and wanting to treat men like sex objects. Not very attractive externally and ugly inside.

Charlotte York - the nice girl who because she is obviously the nice girl comes across as a naive loser. 

Miranda Hobbes - Thomas Hobbes was an interesting philosopher in the sixteen hundreds, I think his name is being denigrated here as this woman is just a right sniveling cow.  Nothing going for her and of course the witch type character has to have short red hair.  

The episode was long on narration, short on plot and as in most pilots trying to set up the series and introduce the major players.

Perhaps things will improve but it was pretty bad with characters that at this stage are hard to cheer for and that incessant narration of Carrie Bradshaw.

I'll keep watching, after all there is only ninety three more episodes to go....

As for Episode one - I will score it a 3 out of 10.

Onward to episode two, and I will try to watch one episode a day. 

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